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Welcome to Marketing On Pointe. This blog informs dancers on how they can market themselves and use social media to help them in their dance careers, because let’s face it: dance is not an easy career. Auditioning every day, lacking stability in work, and continuing to hone one’s craft can make for a very stressful career choice. Hopefully, by reading this blog dancers can learn some valuable tips that will help them simplify their career lifestyle and gain job offers and create vital connections within the dance industry.

Marketing On Pointe is not limited to only dancers. The skills explained here will benefit to all performers and those who work in the business and administration side of the performing arts. While there are some niche publications that provide information for these people, there is not a one-stop-shop where dancers can find all the experts’ opinions combined into one, which is why I created Marketing On Pointe.

My name is Grace Haverty and I am the writer behind Marketing on Pointe. I am a current freshman at the University of Kansas where I am a dance and journalism double major. I hope to someday have a career in both of these fields (realistic, maybe). I have been dancing since I was 8 years old. I am a member of both the University Dance Company and AIM Dance Company in Lawrence and am excited to share all of my findings with my fellow dance enthusiasts.


Contact me at gracehaverty@gmail.com




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