The next few posts are focused on research I’m doing here at Marketing On Pointe. I have chosen three dancers/choreographers/teachers I think have done a great job of using marketing and social media to get their ideas and dancing out there. I plan to follow them and see just what they’re doing and share it with you guys.

So I’m sure you’re probably wondering “who are these dancers?” I’ve decided to profile Ian Eastwood, Brian Friedman, and Kyle Hanagami. These dancers each have things in common, but they are all dancers with extremely different styles. Their styles show through in their posting.

Most dancers who utilize YouTube to showcase their choreography usually post more on social media on the few days leading up to a new video being released in order to gain lots of attention. Because of this, I have chosen to analyze Ian, Kyle, and Brian’s uses of Twitter and Instagram the two days before and the day of a new video posting.

I will share their tweets and the captions to whatever photos and/or videos they share on Instagram to help portray their efforts to increase their following right before they drop a video. This is a similar tactic for all areas of the entertainment industry. Think about all the press tours that happen right before movies premiere or new records debut; this is just the dancer version of that.

I’m off to do some research but will return with information to share with you all soon.

Read my findings post to see what I learn.

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