I’ve gone out into the social media world and am coming back to you guys with lots to report. Like I said before, I chronicled the social media use of Kyle Hanagami, Ian Eastwood, and Brian Friedman. All three are dancers, choreographers, and teachers who utilize their Twitter and Instagram accounts efficiently to gain press and promotion before they post a new choreography video to their YouTube channels.

Let’s begin with Kyle Hanagami; one of my favorite choreographers EVER. His biggest and most popular video he has released on YouTube is his choreography to Beyoncé’s “YONCE.” With it being such a popular song and all of Kyle’s efforts to spread the word, there was a lot of anticipation.

Three days before the video he began a “countdown” posting “And the countdown begins…3 days till my new video. J” (Hanagami, 2014, Jan. 20). Naturally the day after he tweeted, “Only 2 days till my new video!” (Hanagami, 2014, Jan. 21). I bet you can guess what he tweeted the next day…”New video coming out tomorrow!!!! So excited for this one!” (Hanagami, 2014, Jan. 22). Finally, on the day it came out, he tweeted about it four times throughout the day. He even followed up the day after to remind everyone to watch it.

He also retweeted 31 people who had praised his new video. Additionally, he linked each tweet leading up to the release to a “teaser” pic on Instagram and then to the video itself on the day it came out.

Here is the video that created so much conversation.

Hanagami, K. [kylehanagami]. (2014, Jan. 23). YONCE – Choreography by Kyle Hanagami [Video].

Next, let’s talk about Ian Eastwood. At only 21, he’s received an extreme amount of success as a dancer and choreographer. I believe it’s partially a credit of his self-marketing through his social media. I looked back at his first video he posted of 2014 to see how he advertised it.

Two days before the video debuted he tweeted the ever-cinematic phrase “Coming to a YouTube channel near you 2.24.14” (Eastwood, 2014, Feb. 22). He followed up the next day saying, “Dropping my 1st dance vid tomorrow” (Eastwood, 2014, Feb. 23). Finally, on the day it came out he tweeted three times throughout the day to continue to spread the word. He continued two days after with reminder tweets stating “If you missed it…” with a link to the video (Eastwood, 2014, Feb. 26). Of course on the days it was finally available on YouTube he linked both posts on his Twitter and Instagram accounts to the video’s location on YouTube to give his followers easy access to all of the excitement he generated.

The last dancer I’ve researched is Brian Friedman. His video that I’m profiling is very recent and what he calls his first ever “concept video.” Brian built some curiosity by posting to Twitter eleven days before the video came out “I’m in LOVE with my dancers!!! The best ever Xoxo” (Friedman, 2014, Apr. 7). Several days after that he tweeted about how his new video rekindled his love for dance saying, “Today’s shoot reinspired me and solidified my love for dance!” (Friedman, 2014, Apr. 10). The week of the video’s release he tweeted several times that the release is “coming soon!” “April 18th on YouTube” (Friedman, 2014, Apr. 14). Two days before the video released he posted an official time by tweeting, “Official release in 41 hours April 18th 3pm PST” (Friedman, 2014, Apr. 16).

Each one of his tweets had either a link to his Instagram for a picture from the set of the video or a link to his YouTube account where the video would be posted. Something special that Brian did was create his own hashtag. The song he choreographed to was called Human by Christina Perri. He used the hashtag #HUMAN every time he tweeted something related to the video. This lets his followers find all of his related tweets in one place and allows them to help him spread the word by using the hashtag.

Check back soon to hear what I have to say about my findings.

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