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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Hi everybody.

I’m excited to be sharing all of my discoveries with you here at Marketing On Pointe. This blog will be a place for dancers, and others, to learn how to create the best marketing plan and online profile for themselves in order to help them achieve more in the careers. In today’s social media-focused world it is vital to understand not just how to use prominent forms of social media but how to use them effectively. If put to good use, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube can be breeding grounds for auditions, new teaching and choreographic opportunities, and networking success.

Social media is important, but it is equally important to Have a good marketing plan set up for yourself. It will make an impact on your dance career. Creating your own website, reaching out to leaders in the industry and branding yourself to create a certain image for yourself as a dancer will make you more well-known and distinct when attending auditions.

I will be showcasing the social media use of three different dancers who have done an excellent job of utilizing all of these techniques and have been reaping the benefits of their success for several years now. This will help give readers a good idea of how they can execute the tips they learn like the pros do. The dancers I will be profiling are Kyle Hanagami, Ian Eastwood, and Brian Friedman.

If you’re interested in my background, feel free to check out the About Me page.

I’m excited to begin this journey with you guys. Let’s get started.